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A balanced and professional approach to natural health

My name is Grant Taylor.

Welcome to Sussex Natural Health, my practice and passion.

I have been delivering high quality and affordable natural medicine to patients since 2000, using homeopathy and naturopathy. I work in the Greater London and Sussex area, treat patients of all ages, and am able to make house calls.

Unlike many UK practitioners, I am qualified as a Doctor of Homeopathy, completing six years of full-time, medically-orientated homeopathic and naturopathic training. Since then, I have continued to study, practice and lecture in the field of natural health.

As a specialist in both homeopathy and naturopathy, I bring the right balance of academic training, clinical experience and personal dedication to provide comprehensive, effective treatment plans. In addition to treating patients with a range of more "common" conditions, I often receive people who have “tried it all,” who come to me as a last resort with their difficult-to-treat conditions.

+44 (0)7931 999303
+44 (0)1342 325729
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What patients have to say about me:

“Our 4 year old son had been very ill on the Thursday, Friday and the weekend with acute stomach pains, vomiting and loose stools. He was hardly eating and bending over at times doubled up with pain, tears in his eyes. We took him to the surgery doctor on Monday and were told it was [...]
Mrs J.dK
“The Diverticulitis is so much improved, I have not been as comfortable and pain free as this for over 9 years. You have given me back my life. Thank you”
Mrs P.R
“I am sending you very many thanks for what seems to have been an extreemly successful (treatment) course. My itchiness is so diminished that it’s almost non-existent…my specialist at Orpington Hospital agrees that there is great improvemen. Thank you once again for your much appreciated help”
Mr M.W
“I am just sending you an update following my follow up at P R Hospital. The inflammation of my colon has greatly decreased and my anemia improved so much that I have been advised that I now, do not need any medication from the hospital…. I am sure the powders you prescribed me are the [...]
Mrs P.W