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About me

My name is Grant Taylor.

I offer you a truly holistic approach to patient care.

Grant Taylor

Sussex Natural Health is my vision.

I am a registered homeopathic doctor and naturopathic physician, working in Sussex and London. I have been practicing and teaching since graduating over a decade ago. I completed a 6-year, full-time, medically-orientated Master’s Degree in Homeopathy in South Africa at the Durban University of Technology (formerly Technikon Natal).

I am not a medical doctor, nor am I General Medical Council registered. The training I undertook comprised a 3½ -year foundation in the subjects and structure of conventional medicine, with a 3-year specialisation in homeopathy, similar to the homeopathic training in Germany and India.

I graduated in 2000 as a South African Doctor of Homeopathy, following the completion of a clinical internship in a primary care clinic and the publishing of homeopathic research I conducted in Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Gastroenterology. at Addington Hospital, South Africa.

Prior to moving to the UK, I lectured and worked within the Department of Homeopathy. Since then,  I have practiced and lectured at various clinics and colleges, including London’s College of Classical Homeopathy. I  lectured on homeopathy to the GP registrars at St Georges Hospital, Tooting, London.

As a husband and father, I am a highly motivated and diligent practitioner who is committed to health, healing and wellness. My approach is aimed at enlightening individuals about their unique condition, to alleviate and re-vitalise their whole being.

My healthcare philosophy centres around establishing and working at the root cause of an individual’s condition, supporting the physical, mental and emotional elements of patients of any age. My objective is to support patients in achieving a healthy, balanced and non-dependent lifestyle.

Being truly complimentary in my management of patients, I am comfortable with and experienced in working with existing healthcare professionals or those already supporting patients’ healthcare needs. However, my ultimate goal is to reduce or eliminate the need for recurrent medication for patients where appropriate.