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1) What should I expect before a consultation?

All the illness pictures have characteristic symptoms which are individual to you. My treatment approached is based on the patho-physiology of the condition but more importantly your individualising symptoms. It’s therefore extremely useful if you can pay special attention to these characteristic symptoms ahead of your consultation. Making a note of these will greatly help arriving at a more tailored treatment plan. You will also be sent a New Patient Form to complete. This gives me a record of your medical history, medications and treatments you have undergone and some relevant medical and family history.

2) How do I book a consultation?

To book to see me please either call 01342325729 or 07931999303 or e-mail me on

3) What if I don’t see my condition listed on this website?

If your condition is not listed on the website, please contact me to have a further discussion. Owing on advertising and promotional restrictions, it is not possible to list conditions where I have treated patients to a successful outcome, or areas which are currently being researched by either me or other practitioners. The above list is by no means exhaustive. There are numerous other areas where partial or complete relief / recovery through homeopathic and naturopathic treatment may be possible. For further information or a discussion, please call me on 01342325729 or 07931999303 or drop me a line on Alternately you may like to visit the following websites The Homeopathy Research Institute or The National Centre for Homeopathy.

4) What are the fees?

I aim to offer high quality, affordable natural healthcare. As such my fee schedule varies by location and patient age. It’s worth highlighting follow up consultations last up to 1 hour, and my initial consultations are up to one and a quarter hours. If any of the fees quoted would be a barrier to consulting me, please feel free to discus your particular circumstances with me, in confidence, prior to your appointment.

Location Adult initial consultation Adult follow up consultations Child initial consultations Child follow up Consultations
Sussex £100.00 £75.00 £80.00 £70.00
London Not currently available Not currently available Not currently available Not currently available

5) How do I take homeopathic remedies?

Homeopathic medication is specifically indicated to each patient, so should be used for that patient in the prescribed manner. The medication is sensitive and should avoid being touched by hand. The specific dose of pills or granules should be measured out into their cap and poured directly under the tongue, where they should be sucked until dissolved. Liquids should be dropped directly under the tongue. Any homeopathic medication should, ideally be taken on a clean mouth, which has no flavours or tastes in it. Doses of medication should be taken 20-30 minutes before or after eating, drinking, brushing teeth or smoking.
Storing your homepathic medication
If correctly stored, homeopathic remedies and medication can last indefinitely. Please store all remedies in a cool, dark place, away from direct sunlight, away from, strong odours (perfumes, soaps, mothballs, camphor creams etc) and away from any electrical or electro magnetic influences (computers, mobile phones, tables PC’s etc)

Substances which may interfere with your remedies
Certain substances have been known to antidote (de-activate) your medications effects, even once these have started within you. It is thus advised to stay off coffee, strong mint flavours, and emollient and rubs and perfumes which have a strong odour (especially camphor and eucalyptus.)
*Please ensure all homeopathic and naturopathic medication is stored safely away from babies and children.