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Health Philosophy at Sussex Natural Health

I am committed to support each patient to achieve and maintain wellness. I aim to enhancing the individual patients’ overall sense of well-being naturally, so they may experience the richest quality of life possible.

Through a passion for healthcare, years of in-depth training and experience, my assurance to patients is that I am:

  • Dedicated to an integrated approach to patient healthcare by applying homeopathic and naturopathic treatments to address medically diagnosed and patient experienced conditions in an individualised manner.

  • Clinically conscientiousness and will make use of diagnostic information and tools to review conditions that  enable appropriate treatment or referral, if necessary, for the most beneficial complimentary health or medical opinion and treatment.

  • Committed to hearing where a patient is at and how their condition is limiting their lives and lifestyle.

  • Devoted to investing skills, experience and resources in addressing these limiting aspects for every patient.

  • Prepared to enlighten a patient in their symptomatic experience of and physiological response to their condition, in order to empower them to participate in their healing process.