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Naturopathy is a system of individually focussed primary health care which works with the individuals vital “life force” to promote wellness, maintain or restore health or treat conditions. This form of health care has been practiced for hundreds of years, evolving to incorporate modern scientific and empirical methodologies. Naturopathy is above all an approach to, and philosophy of, healthcare. A number of treatment methods may be employed, in a way that works with the body and natures own healing capacity. There are six fundamental tenants to the practice of naturopathic medicine.

  • Work in a manner as to do no harm.
  • Work with the healing power of nature (“Vis Medicatrix Naturae “) and the bodies own self correcting mechanisms to maintain homeostasis (or innate balance)
  • Work hard to treat the whole being
  • Identify and treat the underlying causes or lifestyle aspects which are contributing to the problem
  • Educate or re-educate the patient conscientiously as this is a vital part of the treatment
  • Prevention is preferable to cure
  • In naturopathy it is understood that it’s not always possible to identify or address the underlying cause of illness
  • In these situations reducing any of the contributing factors to illness and thus reducing the overall illness burden should be the initial focus of treatment
  • Equally it may, at times, be necessary to use short term measures to remove symptoms to  ensure the safety or comfort of a patient. However it is important to make use of methods thereafter to permit longer term health restoration.

Owing on these individual genetic, structural, biochemical and emotional characteristics, and the individuals unique responses, treatment will be tailored. Essentially the naturopath draws on treatment modalities ranging from herbalism, diet, nutrition, detoxification and hydrotherapy through physical and electrical therapies to advice, guidance and health education.

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